poem 13

Run around your house and grab 5 items that all begin with the same letter. Write a poem as anode to one of these items or that includes these items. 5 items: portrait, pictures, purple frame, paint, pants I see a woman, screaming at a girl deeply seeking that happiness longing for acceptance each portrait … Continue reading poem 13

poem 12

Turn on the radio to any channel. Write a poem inspired by the first thing you hear (lyrics to asong, a commercial, etc.) "remember to go out and vote" MAX 94.1 FM radio stuck on time where rights was a dream yet in 2021, we are still dreaming apparently i thought the battle was over … Continue reading poem 12

poem 6

Write a poem in two sections about two completely different things. Have the title link both itemstoday in a surprising way. Perm Rods and Nervous genes by EveeWrites I don't know why I thought of perm rods or even, curly hair my coils spring up like bared wire all over the place, only that coconut … Continue reading poem 6