poem 13

Run around your house and grab 5 items that all begin with the same letter. Write a poem as anode to one of these items or that includes these items. 5 items: portrait, pictures, purple frame, paint, pants I see a woman, screaming at a girl deeply seeking that happiness longing for acceptance each portrait … Continue reading poem 13

Clouded Dreams

It's like I keep dreaming but reality slaps me awake to find out an illusion without support suffers for all the stress these opinions bring on, I want to keep going on pixabay image yet--I need that dream how else will I go on living life? not love nor marriage, but a dream self-fulfillment, a … Continue reading Clouded Dreams

poem 12

Turn on the radio to any channel. Write a poem inspired by the first thing you hear (lyrics to asong, a commercial, etc.) "remember to go out and vote" MAX 94.1 FM radio stuck on time where rights was a dream yet in 2021, we are still dreaming apparently i thought the battle was over … Continue reading poem 12

poem 11

Write a poem that begins with the last thing you can remember someone saying to you today oryesterday. See if you can use that line two or three times. "I was stuck in traffic for six hours..." yet, being by your side used to bring me comfort I bite my nails, acquire new habits just … Continue reading poem 11