Summer of Short Stories

What if Red Riding Hood had killed her grandmother and blamed the wolf? (7/22/21) Title: Grandma’s Cookies by Evelyn Davis pixabay image So, I blamed Baxter. He’s the cutting edge type. I knew I couldn’t trust him with my life, so I didn’t trust anyone with my plan.  She was starting to get on my … Continue reading Summer of Short Stories

Fairy Tale Challenge…hehe

Hello readers, So, once again, I've been a busy girl with school and GRADUATION on the horizon. These next six months are going to fly by. But, I want to do a challenge. A writing challenge, which was created by Nathalie Saleeba's blog. here's the link if anyone else wants to join this challenge: reading Fairy Tale Challenge…hehe

So, I became an Influencer

The closer I get to graduation, the better. Yet, I already had my post graduation plans: getting another certification in Grant Writing. But the fun goals I have are doing a podcast with my best friend soon, and getting his business off the ground. While starting my consulting business, advertising two different companies is gonna … Continue reading So, I became an Influencer