Summer of Short Stories

What if Red Riding Hood had killed her grandmother and blamed the wolf? (7/22/21)

Title: Grandma’s Cookies by Evelyn Davis

Cookies, Walnuts, Cinnamon Sticks, Pine Cones
pixabay image

So, I blamed Baxter. He’s the cutting edge type. I knew I couldn’t trust him with my life, so I didn’t trust anyone with my plan. 

She was starting to get on my nerves. “Ellie, get me this,” or “Ellie, go to Sarah’s place for that bunt cake recipe,” I’m always the errand girl to her. If only my parents did not abandon me in this place. It’s bad enough the kids at school make fun of me for my “hand-me downs” clothes from Granny’s closet. 

But I knew I could trust Baxter with a lie. One lie. I’ve gotten close to him over the last few weeks, mixing potions and drinking spirits all the while I learn his trick of the trade. 

Bury the body far away, chemicals to decay, and a false corpse will stay. 

I spit out whatever drink Baxter gives me cause I knew to become focused on my plan, I needed him to not be sober, which is fairly easy since he’s always high. He made things too easy for me. 

“Ellie, don’t forget to make some treats for Auntie Geraldine and her sick daughter. The poor dear, she’s a hard-headed one that fiend. But, let’s not forget our Christian duties.” Granny said.

Baxter had the drugs, he was the plug after all. All the kids knew to buy from him, and since I had to make cookies tonight using Granny’s recipe, I would include the wolf’s ingredients in the deed. No one will notice, no one will put up a fight.

Once I get Baxter to sneak through my bedroom tonight, everything will fall into place as Granny can’t resist a cookie. Just one innocence cookie.

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