Fairy Tale Challenge…hehe

Hello readers,

So, once again, I’ve been a busy girl with school and GRADUATION on the horizon. These next six months are going to fly by.

But, I want to do a challenge. A writing challenge, which was created by Nathalie Saleeba’s blog.

here’s the link if anyone else wants to join this challenge: https://nathaliesaleeba.com/2021/07/13/20-epic-fairy-tale-writing-prompts/comment-page-1/#comment-23

Obviously, if you follow my blog, everyone knows I’ve been struggling with getting inspiration due to life events and tragedies. So, I need a writing challenge to get me out the funk.

And, I know I need to finish the poetry challenge, which is in the draft posts section. I will publish those soon.

Yet, I still wanted to give an update on me and my writing cause I might be collaborating soon with a creative team to do a film.

Oh, the joy!

One thought on “Fairy Tale Challenge…hehe

  1. Hope you enjoy the challenge Eevee! I would love to know which prompts you choose and how you go with them. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation also =)


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