So, I became an Influencer

The closer I get to graduation, the better. Yet, I already had my post graduation plans: getting another certification in Grant Writing.

But the fun goals I have are doing a podcast with my best friend soon, and getting his business off the ground. While starting my consulting business, advertising two different companies is gonna be fun, yet, I got a DM about being a Brand Ambrassor.

I always wanted to be a model, but I don’t fit the average height. I’m only 5″5, and taller in heels, yes, but I figured I wouldn’t get any gigs, until now.

If you don’t know me or my aesthetic, I am the grunge goth type, stuck in the 2007 era vibes outside of work. Then, I also like the 1990s hip-hop hairstyles with my short curly hair, and I often mix the two vibes as my own. Luckily, social media, in particular Instagram, allows anyone to be a model without height requirement necessary.

So, I’ll be doing the whole Influencer thing, and blogging bi-weekly. I already had my posts done, but I let my summer class get in the way.

I’m sorry >.<

I’ll write a nice short story for you next time, reader.

Also, check out my digital art collection I made for my summer class:

I should probably plug in my social medias now that I have potential, well, I always had that but someone likes my potential enough to help grow their brand.

Instagram: @eeveewrites16

Twitter: @wallflowerpoet

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