Stamped and Approved

So, my business name is officially branded! Welcome to EveeWrites Consulting guys lol

Told you I didn’t forget my blog, I did take a month break, right in the middle of a writing challenge to get my self out of this rut (depression). After my last class, the course took a lot of energy out of me.

And now, I’m in the second to last class for my two Master’s degrees. I’m kinda sad honestly. I love learning about archives, preservation, archival principles, and hands-on activities.

But I’m graduating in six months, so.

And I gotta buy a car, look for an apartment, and pass my job probation period (this month).

After getting that job promotion, I appreciate the silence of a library, patrons begone. Henceforth, I’ll be back writing my poetry challenge, book reviews, and short stories.

Speaking of book reviews, I got a good one for you guys, June 1st!

Peace, Eevee 😛

Woman, Gothic, Dark, Face, Nose Piercing, Girl, Female
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