strangers as fathers

its crazy that I went from loving my father, a very compassion man to seeing a reverse flip side of his personality.

who are you? this harden-shell of a man, who used to pour love into me

now, spiteful words of hate, ageism, and pride lets me know I’m a failure

then, insert new guy

my coworker bugs me to death, but at least he checks in on me. whenever I’m having a bad day, he encourages me with advice to do the right thing. yet, when I go home, to an already broken marriage

pieces of myself fly away and chip at my soul, oh the pain

just why am i finding a father figure in a stranger when mine’s is alive? when did my father’s heart grow cold and tell me the man I want to marry is forbidden

judgement over religion

its crazy to me, I am a sane woman, or so I think

the fact that once this coworker disappeared, i felt his absence like a tear. the source of hope, happiness, comfort is gone by a pandemic. my real father remains vengeful as ever. then, his eyes set to my mother who isn’t perfect

but no one deserves to get spitted on, but beat me with your words

father, I shouldn’t relate to the ones who never knew, yet, here i am

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