Clouded Dreams

It’s like I keep dreaming but reality slaps me

awake to find out an illusion without

support suffers for all the stress these

opinions bring on, I want to keep going on

Thunderstorm, Lightning, Flashes, Flash, Weather, Sky
pixabay image

yet–I need that dream

how else will I go on living life? not love

nor marriage, but a dream

self-fulfillment, a goal, my dream

It can’t be this hard to achieve something?

and I see people sell drugs for groceries

gas, electricity, basic necessity shit

why do things revolve around sacrificing?

work a 9-5 to pay the bills, yet, sleep

on your day off

follow your dreams and risk bankruptcy

staving on a waitress salary, like this

doesn’t get easy

how should we chase that dream, include a side hustle

do that internship, while money goes to taxes, savings/retirement

some don’t get to see that money, why not live life now

the constant fork in the road, which path to travel down

risk it all but find happiness

or, settle for less and become depressed

Heartbreak, Heartbroken, Stormy Relationship, Sadness
pixabay image

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