poem 12

Turn on the radio to any channel. Write a poem inspired by the first thing you hear (lyrics to a
song, a commercial, etc.)

“remember to go out and vote” MAX 94.1 FM radio

stuck on time where rights was a dream

yet in 2021, we are still dreaming


i thought the battle was over

why one instance happened, but awoken

a sleeping demon

and I mean a warzone within my community

and now, we attacking another group

why, people, why

i don’t believe in crime, nor

disrespecting another race

our ancestor fought too hard

dirt into the ground from plantations

yet, we attacking people who come

from ships? planes?

not just the citizens, but elected few

change needs to come from the

inside, this is how we move

forward and stop the hate

where the anger coming from?

voting is the first step, whose running for

office, ah real difference

our rights become written laws

oral commands will not be heard

but ink to paper is thy loop hole

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