poem 10

Write a seven-line poem about one of the 7 Sins that only contains seven words in each of the lines.

pain, without love by EveeWrites

I see that flicker of red, dripping

into once a sweet smile and glance

looking at me with so much love

and admiration, I do not adore your

eyes anymore, stepping up to me with


Eye, Manipulation, Tears, Art, Sad, Crying, Design
pixabay image

all the shadows overcloud who you

used to be, my lover and protector

no more do you think of me,

mindfully I am scared of my own

two feet, life knocked me down

and your adding fuel to the flames

spitting words of hate

pitting me isn’t in favor or

rushing to the aide of remembrance

identifying my pain, anger

defining how I feel, alone

evoking older feelings I rather forget

Angel, Statue, Angel Figure, Woman, Female, Wing, Sweet
pixabay image

but you pushed me to the limit

the edge again, my friend

**The title is from the song “Pain” by Three Days Grace

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