poem 7

Find a favorite recipe. Now write a poem inspired or in the style of that recipe about a family secret—yours or someone else’s.

Bejeweled Meatloaf by EveeWrites

1 1/2 pair of designer top & bottom

1 necklace

1 pair of shoes

1 purse

1 spray of odor perfume

several seasonings of diamonds

2 tablespoons of eyeliner

2 tablespoons of lipstick

1/3 sense of regret

Garden, Tea Party, Afternoon Tea, Summer, Still Life
pixabay image


Step 1

you wear my college tuition

dollar bills, forget my future

begging Sally Mae for some change

I wouldn’t have to do this

I had the money put aside

selfish, bearer of life

Step 2

you don’t dare coddle me

let alone give love willingly

I stand alone cause you made me

and waste the money for college

buying that designer shit

“I got to have it!”

Step 3

Every latest edition, in

every color, with matching shoes

purse, glasses

than think of me

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