poem 6

Write a poem in two sections about two completely different things. Have the title link both items
today in a surprising way.

Perm Rods and Nervous genes by EveeWrites

I don’t know why I thought of perm rods

or even, curly hair

my coils spring up like bared wire

all over the place, only that

coconut oil, shea butter

calms these coils, dark brown 3B and 3C

curls. I don’t need tools or heat

a blessing?

I was nervous about an interview

today, everything depending on

my future in the

archives museums

will my degree be enough?

Graduation, Future, University, Cap, Graduate, College
pixabay image

Damn these nervous genes, my people

are naturally quiet, which is

strange for my ethnicity of

African heritage, but there are some

of us who whisper the dirty words

and not shout in praise

I wanted to turn a curl

around my finger as I

speak on archival metadata

and other jargon, impressing

the archivists. I am not alone

thinking of perm nods to

ease my nervous genes, I conquered

my repetitive stuttering

Microphone, Boy, Studio, Screaming, Yelling, Sing
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