poem 5

Write a poem about a weird fact or several odd facts that you know.

I prefer heart shaped objects

It may seem, weird

or an attraction to love that pours

out of me like running

water, but all they do is take

my love for granted. I like to

not wear shoes

maybe its the country side

of me, feeling complete dirt

and moss underneath my

feet, forget shoes while

they run low on

comfort, I burn thru the soles

as my dancing shoes catch on

fire, yet, I like converse and combat boots only

maybe Chelsea Ankle booties, but I am that

Tomboy girly girl who dresses among

emotion, only

pixabay image

Whenever I find jewelry, I keep

the other person’s belongings

as if I am apart of their story now

necklaces, rings

the owner never came back for their beauty

or sentiment

I would die if I lost my Pandora charm

bracelet, luckily its so tight on my wrist

age will have to break it loose

a thief will have to break these

fingers for my jewelry is apart

of me, hanging from my neck to

my fingers

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