poem 3

Write a poem that is really a love letter to an old flame. To make sure it’s doesn’t slip into sappy,
make sure one or more of these words are in the poem: dung beetle, politician, nuclear, exoskeleton,
oceanography, pompadour, toilet.

the universe of aliens by EveeWrites

We used to be the universe

Nuclear bombs awaiting to fire off

Anyone who threaten our union

We worked to hard to pow the crops

Planting seeds, then of Doubt

A hurricane was predicted to come

Through this brick house

In Eden, I was prepared

Then you disappeared

Just an exoskeleton of existent

Not a man, just selfish

Being that you claim

To love me

Just lying as politicians do to 

Win my favor, hoping I don’t

See the cloak of shame

You are not my Wizard

I ain’t Dorothy, lost in Eden

I used love the ground you walked 

On, with pot holes and black lines 

Oil stains and broken glass

Imperfect as a human can be

And, you never truly loved me

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