So, I just remembered its National Poetry Month starting tomorrow, and its my time to shine again with daily writing sessions of at least one hour to wrote a poem. I even found a prompt list to follow, so I can let my creativity run wild.

Yet, as March closes, its been one hell of a month. First, I had my first car accident, the girl hit my driver’s side. Then, I get assaulted at my job by multiple people, mainly men. I swear, its like having PSTD all over again from my abusive relationships several years ago. Well, I got some material to write on now, unfortunately.

Tree, Girl, Smile, Women, Fantasy, Trees, Forest
pixabay image

All these events happened in two weeks, I am totally ready for the next four days off.

I mean, really, not everyone can say they can walk away from a car accident, but my poor Jeep Liberty is still in the shop. And, I’ve been taking it easy, until the assault attacks are just people being upset that I enforce company’s rules and regulations. This pandemic is making people go nuts about anything.

Look at all these hate crimes, death over masks, and marriages failing which result in death is absolutely nuts. I feel bad cause some of these attacks are by my own people attacking another minority race, just why?

Hands-On, 3, Three, Heart, Facebook, Pain, Helping
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All the violence, all the murdering is taking a toll on humanity, as the heart grows colder. people standing by, loving themselves only and not reaching out to help. What is the world coming to?

In April, you will get to see my scars.

Source of poetry prompts: https://www.agodon.com/uploads/2/9/4/3/2943768/writing_prompts_by_kelli_russell_agodon.pdf

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