Businesses on top of Businesses

Hello readers,

So, my best friend and I are starting a podcast. Sounds crazy right? I’m hardly a talkative person, but this is like my first client who needs help with the writing and editing side of podcast episodes. And so, I agreed to enter into a partnership with him.

With that being said, I am doing research on starting up a podcast, trademarking my new consulting name, creating logos, and all that fun stuff. I do miss reading though. I think I will always be a reader more than a fiction writer. Reason being is because I only wrote fiction based on fanfiction about my favorite book series as a teenager. I just love reading like any other bookworm.

Yet, this is a new field I’m entering into, which can be scary, really scary. Also, breaking things off with a guy you’ve known for nine years is also really scary, but I ain’t ready to date. At all. I’ve learned the value of multiple incomes is better than one.

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Currently, I work at a library, earning two master degrees in college, handling my bi-weekly blog, and creating a consulting business is quite a busy lifestyle. But, I have a plan that is worth trying out before I give up and be an actual librarian.

My dream is to work in a museum, crazy I know. I want to work in Outreach and bring other people’s cultures to different audiences besides school students whom visit a museum. I kinda want to switch things up and bring the culture to the people, become active in the community where I headed (still undecided, but willing to relocate).

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That’s beside the point, I know I am capable of more than just being a writer or a librarian. I can work in so many different avenues and styles of advocating library and information science. So, what do you dream about?

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