Starting a Consulting Business

Hey, its Eevee again, and I’m starting a freelance editing and writing consulting business.

For a while, I’ve had the thought of being a teacher, but then, I don’t have the courage to be breaking up fights like my old high school English teacher did back in the day. Yet, on the side, I’ve helped countless people with their essays, freelance editing, and giving advice on writing skills. Recently, I had taken the opportunity to become a volunteer Writing Coach for a non-profit organization, and I realized something, I can become a tutor instead of a teacher.

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One-on-one consulting with clients about their writing assignments, business papers, etc. I had even taken a technical writing class in college, which was informative and educational. Plus, I used to think I could be a technical writer and make lots of money that way. As a writer, there are so many avenues I can enter into business-wise and career-wise, but I know I can be a good freelance editor.

Also, I had no idea I can be a reading tutor as well. I plan to have a multiple services underneath my consulting business, but first, I got to trademark my business name at a local/state level before bringing it to the U. S. Trademark place. So far, I am using my blog, here on WordPress, to myself available online and promote my creative writing skills. I am so glad I finally have the financial abilities to do this now, and I want to have a chance to start my own business, while focusing on self-publishing, which is my next step.

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Thankfully, there are so many self-publishing companies willing to help indie authors, and I can’t wait to share my poetry with the world.

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