Herstory begins with Me

Hey readers,

This month is Women’s history month, and I wanted to start off with giving thanks to all the women who are fighting hard to regain who they are before chaos erupted.

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For me, this month is to give shout-outs to women writers, starting off with two book reviews. One, from a popular African American Female writer who just written a long awaited sequel to her stand alone novel, twenty years ago. The second book will be either a fantasy or historical period piece since I hardly ever touch these genres. If it isn’t obvious by now, I’m a romance kind of girl. Hence, the heading picture of breakfast food and coffee, I love breakfast time too.

Besides, women have come such a long way from protesting our human rights to voting privileges. I’m thankful every day as a Black Women to get an education and vote because the individualist before me where shutdown by not only their gender, but ethnicity. I will change how the stereotypical black women image is seen across different cultures by just being that punk, gothic black girl who likes reading, writing, and pottery.

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I am more than my mixed, Indian curly hair, and the country slang I speak. Herstory continues with me as a supporting character, we write the ongoing triumphs that girls, women contribute through generations after generation.

Say her name.

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