Pen to Paper, then Mic Drop

Hello Readers,

The last three months have been difficult. I’ve had so many life-changing events, I’m just getting back to writing online. It seems the pandemic ain’t got no better, but I got a job promotion, finally. My schedule is so crazy, I barely workout like I need to, which isn’t good. So, today, I am sitting my but down at my new position and writing out my business plan, and workout routine schedule. By the way, I am totally into kpop now, and I want to do some kpop dance workouts for fun alike Zumba workouts.

Back to my business plan, after reading a subscribers comment, I am moving forward to copyrighting my blog’s name, EeveeWrites, and maintaining this site. Also, I am looking into adding GoogleSense for revenue, which I heard is possible, but I havent had the time to do research, until now.

Sometimes, I have to make myself sit down and plan out my goals. I normally do these things in my bullet journal, but since the pandemic cancelling every event I planned to go to throughout the year (2020 & 2021 starting to look like), I decided to pause journaling. Additionally, Graduate School is almost over for me, so I have to plan out my next steps for that career path as well.

I do have a passion for preservation, archives, and museums that pushes me into doing more Outreach, which I love even more. I miss volunteering at museums, checking out new exhibits and artifacts, plus, the noise is non-existent compared to a public library. in other words, I may have to get another Graduate-level certificate or something to prove I can effectively work in an archive or museum without difficulties. So, I’m totally hitting up my advisor for advice and Graduation. Dear God, it’s almost over.

Woman, Happiness, Sunrise, Silhouette, Dress, Beach
pixabay image

With that being said, I know I missed some important holiday blog posts, but I will get my motivational presence together, or else this business of mine is gonna fall through, which is not what I want for my life. I want to do multiple jobs than just being a “librarian”. First and foremost, I am a writer. Often times, I’m old school with my pen and paper, and avoid live poetry performances since I hate speaking. I ain’t afraid, just hate talking with my southern accent. Secondly, I am a artist, I like pottery, making clothes, and painting (even while tipsy). Thirdly, I like reading and I can give a good book recommendation and other resources (both physical and electronic).

My business will revolve around tutoring services for starters. I currently do some freelance work, but I would like to see if I can turn freelancing into a side hustle. I don’t know, I’m talking too long. Look forward to more posts.

Eevee out.

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