Blank Rose on the Tip

So, I’ve been happy. More happy than I’ve realized reality is going in the upward spiral that carries me throughout all the BS in my life. Well, at least at home.

Since 2020 is ending, and the pandemic is carrying over into next year, I have more freedom to actually focus on what I want to do: blogging and making money while blogging on WordPress.

Hence, I am going to add Google Adsense onto my blog, build my audience and hopefully, I can make this hobby into a small business. In reality, I would like to start a private tutoring service and/or editing service for freelancing with affordable prices. I’m still getting my feet wet, but I have been improving my skills to get to this point of starting my own business.

The business will be named, “EeveeWrites”. I got to copyright that name asap.

And so, the last year, I have been a writing coach for teenagers at a non-profit. Random knowledge to drop on you, I know things are distant on my blog, but with a new job promotion and relocating, I am going to be more active in the dream I want to achieve.

Like Dr. King said, I have a dream that he, and several others like John Lewis marched on the Capitol for me to exercise my civil right. I’ve gone to college, register to vote, and continuing my education into a Master’s degree program. I am active in my community with volunteer work and Outreach opportunities. Therefore, I am not being distant because of no inspiration, I want to write. I have been writing in every notebook, notepad on my phone, even in my bullet journal.

I surround myself with poetry, reading new poems, even catching up on some good manga novels.

In the silence, I’ve been busy working on what I want to do for this site. I made this move last year to start blogging again, and the intention is to promote my writing as a writer, potential self-publishng author next Fall and more.

The AdSense is a bonus earn some income doing what I love for myself than working for a large company aka the Library. I still get to do what I love at my job, and deal with less stress at a new job post.

In essence, what I’m trying to say is, do not let anything stop you from achieving your dreams. Personal dreams. Change careers if you have to. Make sacrifices if you have to. I will not let anything or anyone stop me from blogging.

One thought on “Blank Rose on the Tip

  1. I like your optimism, and perspective on life. I agree we shouldn’t let anything stop us from achieving our goals. Yes you should copyright EeveeWrites, I trademarked kindfeelings a few years ago.

    The pandemic was unexpected but because of it I started two businesses last year, there are many opportunities in chaotic situations.

    Glad to know you’re writing regularly. Peace.


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