October Book Review: Who run the World?

hello readers,

This month I had chosen two African American authors and compared their books together for this month’s review. The books are called, “Conjure Women: A Novel” by Afia Atakora and “The Book of Night Women” by Marlon James. as usual, I am browsing through my local library’s newly added eBooks and seen the “conjure Women” book at first. After reading the description, I knew I wanted to read this book. And, the similarity of the historical fiction story reminds me of another book I read last year for a class, “The Book of Night Women” by Marlon James.

Conjure Women: A Novel - Kindle edition by Atakora, Afia ...
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So, “Conjure Women: A Novel” by Afia Atakora is a historical fiction novel. Rue is the daughter of a hoodoo magic woman, who conjures requests for anyone looking to pay the price. The storyline goes on to show how Rue is fantasied by her mother’s abilities and hope to learn the same magical ability as she delivers babies into the word herself. Atakora’s writing style depicts graphic images of every scene in such a way that gives off strong fantasy-like vibes while walking trough Rue’s journey as a midwife. this type of historical fantasy book is different than your average history-type novel because it is less focused on the slavery times, but the emphasis on the practices of magic and witchcraft. So, the setting of the story is on a plantation, yet, the story does not rely on the historical events, ideas, and lifestyle to affect the possibilities of slaves (preferably women) being much more than their status.

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In comparison, “The Book of Night Women” by Marlon James is another historical piece, but bout a group of women who fight back against their master(s). The story begins with the birth of Lilith, a slave girl with green eyes. She is hated by everyone, and treated like an animal until she stumbles upon the group called, The Night Women. This story takes place in the 18th century Jamaican plantation, where James tells the story of a group of women with similar differences, and supernatural powers. The writing style James uses embodies Zora Neale Huston for authenticity with dialogue, and Toni Morrison for depth and imagery in this historical piece. The scenes can be a bit gruesome and horrific, yet, enchanting to say the least. Readers will not be disappointed reading James’ novel, “The Book of Night Women.”

Overall, if anyone is looking for a nice thriller, historical books to read this month, I got you as always.

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