This Is My America…Sort Of

First, let me say, I read this book because the cover is breathtaking. Okay, back to the regularly schedule blog session.

Q & A with Kim Johnson
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Hello readers,

Eevee here, back again with another book review. I wanted to d a blind read this month, and so I choose book based on the cover alone. No book jacket reading or nothing. And so, this week’s book review is “This Is My America” by Kim Johnson.

Tracy is trying to get her father off of death row before he dies in 90 days. She already has a lot on her plate being in charge of her father’s case, and experiencing another rising star in the family, Jamal, star basketball player. He has everything going for him.

Up until a causality happens. Jamal is on the run, and time is starting to run out for Tracy to save the men in her life she loves dearly.

Johnson’s storytelling is impeccable with Tracy’s letter to the “Innocence X” legal program, interaction with friends, and a dear love for her father. Tracy is like any girl who wants to save her father and come home, but the gripping realities of being African-American in America shines throughout this story. Johnson does not hold back the cold harsh truth, written in black and white. A privilege over another’s rights.

Please take a minute out to read this wonderful YA release, and support Black authors!

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