Creative Writing Presents…. Amber Rose

Amber Rose.

She walked like beauty, but a white sheet of tissue stuck to her shoe. A blind imperfection. Amber radiantes charm and charisma, while filling her words at the bellhop. The Four seasons was the only place left open after Richard, her lover, traded salivating tongues in a deep French kiss. Amber smacks her teeth again at the thought. One red finger tip pressed into the elevator button and the doors swiped to a black figure in the back, alone with a suitcase. Amber smiles hungrily and steps inside. Her back turned to the stranger, she reaches to click the number “Nine” and without touching, the elevator doors close. Her fingertips tap against the Gucci shoulder bag in anticipation. Amber’s gum was becoming tasteless and the itch com8ng back for online shopping. Daddy wouldn’t mind if she maxed another card out, Chanel no. 9 just came out. The figure coughed behind Amber. She side glances him, but made no remarks of a blessing. Not even a napkin offer. She scrunched her lips at the figure, and popped another pale pink bubble. Squeaking sounds of leather crackles next to Amber’s fingertip rhythm. She responds quicker by pulling out a revolver gun in the figures face, while a knife was pointed at her chin. Amber smirks and fires anyway. The bullet traveled in Amber’s heart instead.

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