August Short Story

A Kindly Stranger by Evelyn Davis

Short story cover here

My stomach begins to growl. What do I feel like eating? I live in an unknown city to me and I cannot find many dining choices. Oh, wait. I see a McDonald’s Restaurant. Victory is mine. Can I get a hot n’ spicy with a sweet tea? My favorite combo. Shaking my head to remove these thoughts, I turn on my signal.

These parking spots are always too small. I begin to groan because I don’t want to hit someone’s car. After two years of driving, I still don’t trust myself behind the wheel. Luckily, the lot is barely full, and I pull into the nearest slot. The moment I begin to open my door, a gust of wind spins my coarse, curly hair to attack my face. Do you know how long it took me to work on this winged eyeliner? Mother Nature!

“Ugh,” I say to myself. Closing my car door with my hip, I start to brush my hair into a high messy bun. There, that should hold my crazy amount of curls. I am the only one in my family born with these thick curly strands. Shirley Temple hair, they say.

Regardless, I walk into McDonalds. My attention does not fall to the familiar red and glass-framed building. Then, while making my way to the counter, my stomach growls again. What are you? A Chewbacca? I shrug off the Star Wars thought and walk up to the cashier.

“Good Morning,” I say, “Can I have a sausage biscuit, and a small caramel frappe?”

The cashier remains quiet. He looks queasy. Did he understand my order? Is he new? He looks like a new employee.

“Excuse me. Can you repeat your order?” he asks with desperate eyes. I smile again and repeat my order.

After paying, I stand in front of the counter to wait for my food. Next to me, I notice another employee making jokes with his peers. Oh, how childish. Does he realize he is making this McDonalds look bad by lollygagging and parading his nonsense in front of customers?

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