The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu

How does a person become immortalized? Through words.

Hello readers,

I am back with my bi-weekly book reviews. so, over the summer I read the latest YA release by the popular author, Marie Lu, entitled, The Kingdom of Back. Who loves classical music? Everyone does. Yet, how about a retelling of your favorite artist, Mozart, is sister, and a magical kingdom. at first, I had gotten so hooked into this story, that I forgot it is a retelling. Marie Lu’s writing skills for fantasy is on point, but a slow pace story indeed before actually remembering the plot of the story.

Mozart’s sister, Nannerl, is also a musical composer. Yet, she is forgotten in history like most women during her time. one night, when she is eight years old, she makes a wish to not be forgotten. And, someone listens. Hyacinth, a princeling who longs to return to his kingdom within the Kingdom of Back, hears the wish of a young lady. He needs some assistance on his quest to reclaim his birthright, while also helping a human girl be immortalized. As we know, all magical comes at a price. Is Nannerl willing to give up the person she loves to be remembered? Read the book and findout.

Q&A: Marie Lu, Author of 'The Kingdom of Back' | The Nerd Daily
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