July Short Story Presents…

The François Brothers by Evelyn Davis (2010)

 April 28, 2011

I reached into my purse for some Kleenex. My friend, Nicki was crying her eyes out again.

 “Nicki, you can’t keep doing this to yourself,” I said. 

    “But I love him so much. How could he just dump me like yesterday’s trash?” she replies crying even more.

I touch her shoulder as a shadow passed us. I look up to see my ex-boyfriend, Cameron François walking with his close friend, Desiree hand-in-hand. Sometimes they make me sick. Um, hello, I was standing right beside them when they were walking by. Just ignore Nia and Nicki if you want to. Desiree made a hand motion of the letter “A” on her shoulder in my direction. Nia Scarlett was my name. Yes, my name was like two first names and no I’m not related to the women in the scarlet letter. She had it easy then I do, but this was my life and my friend here was Nicki Stallone. 

We met in an interesting way and that’s way we were in this situation now.  We both dated the smart, charming François Brothers. Now, I know your confused at this point of whom the François Brothers are but I’m going to explain more of this story from the beginning of this school year, my junior year of high school. 

    “Come on Cameron, you know how Taylor been treating me and I need a friend more than ever. And stop hitting on me because you lost Nia.” Desiree said to him. I was close in hearing range to listen to her words. Wow, I thought. Like I said, I’ll explain everything later. 

But for now, I got to take care of Nicki. I put my arm around her and we started to walk to girl’s restroom, passing him again.

    “I still love him Nia,” Nicki sobbed.

“I know girl, I know,” I said.

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