July Short Story Presents…

You are my sunshine by Evelyn Davis (2015)

Every damn time. I smell HIM. It seems new back to a memory of happiness we once shared. That moment in time when I was HIS. When everything was cool between us. And, we use to love like the world was against us. Past tense dominated, yet, present tense has me wondering. 

Where did it all go wrong? I still remember that cool august morning when we met. Two goth teenagers, understanding one another, conquering the poetry world. Where did it all go wrong? 

Still, five years later, it takes one scent of HIS colonge, to being me back to HIM. 

     “Evelyn, c ‘mon we have a 11 o’clock class today” my companion said. Recently, I met a new friend. It’s a girl. I wonder how well this is gonna last? Me and girls hardly get along. 

I get up with my food to throw away, and make my way to the library building. Yeah, HE crossed my mind over breakfast. I think I might vomit. Usually,  I stare at the floor while I walk. So, I didn’t see this tall tower of a man walking in front on me, and we both fell. 

    “I’m sorry” we both said at the same time. I look up to see a young man, standing over me and smiling. His features are oddly similar. Tall, lean cut with long arms and legs. A fresh fade haircut, while wearing all black. Then suddenly, I noticed his tie. It was black too.

    “Oh really” I giggle while twirling his tie around my fingers. 

    “Yeah I know I’m different, and I like staying this way” HE said while smirking at me, and pulling his tie from my grasp. He politely straighten his tie and moved closer to me. Oh God that cologne. I just wanna eat him up. Oh this is where I belong. I know, this is where I’m home. Just in his presence along, is my addiction. 

Is this a trick or treat?

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