July Short Story Presents…

Picture worth a thousand words by Evelyn Davis (2015)

 “A Choo” I said. 

Old dusty, boxes got my allergies acting up again. The only reason I came up here, to the attic, because I wanted my favorite purple ankle boots. When I was in high school, me and those boots were enseparateable. Then, once I moved away to college, my mom decided to clean my room. Anything that was on the floor, went into a box and toss to the attic. I only left my purple boots cause its still the summer months, but winter is coming soon. 

I want my purple ankle boots!, I thought to myself, where could they be. 

I grab the box cutter for the next victim. I noticed a box unlabled, and start my way to that box. When I made the enscon into the box, then I burst out in a fit of giggles by my thoughts of these boxes as human bodies that I’m cutting into. I open the flaps to see an old photo frame. It has aged over the years. It was pastel colors of the sky in its twilight’s serenity. Hmm.. I wonder why this is here. 

The glass covering the picture is completely broken, and the picture is missing from its owner. Did I buy this frame? If so, what was the reason. I couldn’t remember at the moment. So, I moved on thru this box,  and still couldn’t find my boots. Instead I find the picture. Laying at the bottom of the box is a picture. Before me, I see a younger version of me, happy with my arms around HIM. Should I be happy to find this? I wish I didn’t find this. I probably should put everything back in this box, and pretend I didn’t see that picture. I pick up the frame once again. What is this rattling I hear in this frame? I turn the frame upside down, and sand falls out. 

Oh the memories…

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