July Short Story Presents…

One, Two, Three, Four…. by Evelyn Davis (2015)

As I move along with rhythm, a spike of pain runs up my backside. Damn it. I thought the doctor said I was cured. Nevertheless, I can not let this hold me back from achieving my goal. If you haven’t noticed already, I’m a dancer. But, not just any kind of dancer. I am Sophie Perez, young prodigy of the West Coast and extraordinary in the world of dance. Ever since I was tip-tapping as a baby, I couldn’t shake the feeling of dancing everywhere I went. Most call me, Mombo from Happy Feet, but let’s not get theatrical here. I am so jealous of his dancing capabilities since he was hatch from the egg. I had to wait months until I could finally stand on my own. Sometimes I wished I was like Mombo, but then I remember how they discriminated him for being a “dancer.” 

Which brings me back to reality. Recently,  I had experienced accident that fractured my hip bone. The doctor said I will be back dancing in no time, but it’s been 2 months already. I miss the feeling of the floor, my feet gliding against it. I miss the feeling of my costume,  my body fit so well in it. Most of all, I miss the music. It’s the reason why I became a prodigy in the West Coast. For many years (including childhood), I devoted my life to dance. I studied with the greatest choreographers in the entertainment industry. I’m better than the Dancing Dolls from Mississippi.  I’m more graceful then Miss Abby’s Pittsburgh dancers. And, I’m more better than any famous child star dancer, like Asia, Maddie, and Kayla. Plus, I’m a professional to work with because these other girls have nothing on me. I already been on many talk shows, and in the Fall 2015 I am coming out with my memoir of my dancing career up to this point. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I’m 16 years old. I’m almost as accomplished as Alexander the Great, when he conquered most of Europe in 10 years. Now that’s inspiring people. I did plan one day to become the greatest dance teacher in the West Coast. The only road block I have is this hip fracture. They said it would only last a while, but, how come I can’t dance yet?

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