June Short Story Presents…

The Last State Finale!

Then, why did she leave me? The logic and reason side of me questions. My head and heart, a constant battle. Staring at the Monty’s they seem nice. They keep asking me questions. Filling me in on their world of telecommunications and occasional family cookouts. They seem well establish and nice. My false mother nods at me from behind them. The decision to be made.

III. California

The camera flashes and we are a picture perfect couple. A couple of liars if you ask me. Since that night, I can’t stop thinking about her. John will not allow me mention her, or her name. I’m pregnant again and it’s a boy this time. A joyful Timothy, he shall not be taken from me. Not like her. My joyful Timothy. My spirit has alter to a default mind and yet, I get to keep this baby. He will not be like her. My poor Cynthia. There, her name, Cynthia. After my beautiful grandmother who doesn’t know and is taken from me too, which breaks my confidence whole. Another Cynthia, gone. 

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