Creative Writing Presents…

Untitled Poem by Evelyn Davis

Creating happy memories 


Moments in history 

Why couldn’t I see you

Wanting to speak to me all

This time, I’ve liked you

The presence of curiosity 

Then, you spoke to


A average girl 

A scared girl of

Close friendship, intimacy

You chose me

Yet, how else will this path

Take us, if we become an

Us. Me and you

Making me have thoughts 

About ministry 

My purpose, am I doing 



Is what I’m doing now matters

Finally away from spectators

Running in this race called

Life. I am alone.

Until you showed up. 

Happy emotions

This heart beat

Life breathed into me a 

Voice called my name.

No doubt, fear

I am knowing me

To smile without cause

The opposite sex

No longer

Scares me.

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