The Last Romantics?

Hello Readers,

Since my last post, I finished school for the semester, and picked up my TBR pile of books. I wanted to read a romance book next after finishing a juicy Sy-Fy about robots evading Earth!

So, The Last Romantics by Tara Conklin is a bit of a let down. Honestly, the reading pace is so slow, and the story is entirely told in a flashback makes me wonder why the author chose this title. My thought of a romantic is a person obsessed with love, and wanting love; or to find the one. Yet, we get a hint of that from the main character, at first.

Flora Skinner is the main character in The Last Romantics, and she is asked to explain a poem she wrote at a literary event. Instead of an analysis, Flora decides to tell a story about her life. Oh boy, here some the tragedy.

Okay, for starters, any book that starts with death is not a good sign. I had no idea exactly which direction this book will take the reader into explaining a poem. Yet, here we are. So, Flora is a toddler when her father passes away. She and her four siblings have to basically raise each other as their mother looses touch with reality, or as the children calls it, “The Pause”. Without giving too much away, this event, “The Pause” is relatable to anyone whose been through a difficult time in one’s life.

And, there is still no romance. The kids grow up, go to colleges, establish careers, and no romance. Not even a hint. So, what is the point of this story? Will the main character ever explain the poem? Just as a warning, this story does drag its feet. I made it to part two in the story, and almost forgot the beginning inquiry about Flora’s poem. No mention of this “Luna” person yet. On the other hand, this is just my opinion.

Not every love story will be sappy and silly like Teen rom-com sitcom. Tara Conklin brings on the heaviness in a relationship, the unexpected sadness, and how it effects those around you. Especially a family. Proceed with caution.

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