An absolute remarkable thing

Good Afternoon readers,

Today, I am reviewing a best seller science fiction novel, “An absolute remarkable thing” by Hank Green.

April May is about to bite off more than she can chew. One night, after a stressful work day, April walks home only to come across a statue figure in front of a Chipotle in New York City. Her background art knowledge refuses to let her walk by an enormous statue, like this one and not tell someone about it. By calling up her Youtuber friend, Andy, they create a video of the statue as April narrates her first finding of the artwork. The next day, they become internet sensations.

Hank Green presents a number of themes in his science fiction masterpiece. Fear, politics, discrimination, unity, and love. Green analyzes so much in one book that the reader will have to slowly evaluate what is going on in the story. This book has a medium reading pace for fiction readers.

As a non sci-fi reader, I had a hard time reading a novel dealing with something unknown, and heavy political debates in one setting. At first, I want to know about the statues and where they come from since no one claims to put the artwork up around the world. Then, the story takes a different role of questioning and challenging if everyone can truly come together for the greater good, or only if t defeat a possible enemy?

Hank Green has written a sequel to this science fiction novel that is set to come out Summer 2020.

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