Wake Me Up

So, I had another emotional blackout. The Monster is free to be creative

eating away at Creativity, this sanity. I remember me.

-EeveeWrites, 2020

Hello readers,

It’s been awhile since my routine of book reviews, and creative content. Yet, I had a incident to wake me up again from a deep slumber I was in this year. After graduating college, I told myself I would publish a book by 2020. Well, everyone’s in quarantine, and the year is still ongoing. Hence, I can still accomplish a goal of mine.

I want to self-publish my poetry collection, ten years in the making, this year, 2020. I choose the date September 30, 2021. The reason being is because my favorite Green Day song is “Wake me up when September ends”. Also, I wanted to publish some poems close to Halloween as well, but my poetry is not spooky, if you interpret them as so. I’ve been had this manuscript done for years, since 2019. I started writing about my life at the age of 16.

The overall poetry collection is called, “My Body is My Canvas”, which is broken into four books. I plan to get the copyrights of my book since I have the money to do so. Self-publishing is hardwork, but I refuse to give up. No matter what. I made a promise to myself to publish my poems, first. In college, I published a short story first, but I would not pass up the opportunity to get published. So, my first book to be published will be a collection of poems on Amazon Kindle and possibly Barnes & Noble.

I have the tools, I have the knowledge. Nothing can stop me. I am awake.

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