Book Review: “The Wives”

Fisher, Tarryn. The Wives. Toronto, Ontario. Graydon House, 2019.

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I didn’t want his flowers or his Hallmark apologies. I wanted him: his attention, his time, his favor. (Fisher, 2019, 64)

How would you feel to be reduced to a day of the week?

In this story, main character, nameless Thursday girl has dinner with her husband, Seth. This is her only time of the week, and enjoys being between not the beginning of the week and closer to the weekend. Thursday like to be naughty with her mate, while hearing about the other ladies. It’s obvious she wants more of Seth’s time. Yet, she is the second wife.

Tarryn Fisher presents a cautionary tale of entering into a polygamist lifestyle through the eyes of the legal wife, nameless Thursday girl. As I start reading this book, the sexual graphics are explicit, but Thursday plays her position as she gather information on the other two wives. She is smart, but is she happy?

The husband, Seth, grew up in a polygamy family and is used to this lifestyle. He currently has three wives. By chapter three, the writer gives as much background information as possible for the reader to understand the scenario. All these days of the week instead of names symbolizes their position in Seth’s life. This is not his story. Fisher writes in first point of view with a detail stream-of-consciousnesses narration because Thursday is observant and willing to share everything with the reader. Yet, there is still one lingering question, how well do we all know our husband?

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