The Bone Labyrinth

Book Review Tuesdays

For today, we will dive into Adult Action/Adventure fiction. I started reading an adventure book series entitled, “The SIGMA Force”.

Rollins, James. The Bone Labyrinth. New York, NY: William Morrow, 2015. 

Bestselling Author of the Sigma Force series continues with his fourteenth novel with Commander Gray Pierce being summoned for a rescue mission, which will challenge him to face many questions about the creation of mankind. For instance, an archaeological team discovers a subterranean Catholic chapel, where the bones of a Neanderthal woman and crave paintings depicting the story of an immense battle between tribes of Neanderthals and monstrous enemies. One archaeologist is in danger, while her sister is safely back home working on their scientific project about mixing the genres of animals and Neanderthals. 

James Rollins breaks down the plot of this story into a historic plot and scientific plot. The story makes the reader think about the real-life research and discoveries about the Neanderthal race. In general, Rollins plot is the most informative and intricate story line I’ve ever read and intrigues me as a reader to keep reading the story and find out what happens to the pair of genealogist sisters, a hybrid monkey, and involvement of the SIGMA force to rescue them all. Yet, Rollins does create a complex plot for this story within the SIGMA series. The constant changing plot twists and character perspectives makes the reading pace a bit slow for the reader to keep up with the multiple plot lines in this story. On the other hand, Rollins keeps his reader engaged with the story because some of the people, events, and places are real, but this story is a fictionalized solution to an ongoing conspiracy about past civilizations and people. Also, this story is apart of the Sigma series by James Rollins, started in 2004. 

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