New Blog Schedule 2020

Hello Readers,

Since its a new year, I thought I would start over with a new blog schedule because I got lost in school and trying to fit in new activities last year. Also, I re-started my blog all at the same time. I began back in 2013 on “Blogger” using Google, but now, my new blog started last year during National Poetry Month (April 2018). free picture

I like to do writing challenges because I can get the momentum going effectively to write and blog. I gained more followers during that time by posting everyday that I realized what is the best time to post, which day of the week, and what my readers like to read about from me.

In other news, I created a few resolutions, including this new blog schedule. I decided to post bi-weekly for book reviews on Tuesdays, and creative writing content every other day. At least once a week. So, tomorrow I will post a book review on a adult fiction book I read recently. Then, on Thursday, I will post a short story (on any topic and short length; maybe even flash fiction).

My other resolutions include:

  1. finish my novel (started in 2017; only 5 chapters left until editing mode)
  2. succeed in graduate school (I got a year and a half left)
  3. commit to a gym routine
  4. read the bible
  5. do more volunteer and outreach (i have always liked to do this type of work)
  6. lastly, no more stressing about the things I cannot control

The last one is very important to me because last year, I was so busy worrying about passing classes, pleasing people, applying fir full time work and whatnot. At the end of the day, I was not happy.

In 2020, I want to be happy and do what makes me passionate about life.

One thought on “New Blog Schedule 2020

  1. I hope you achieve all your resolutions, looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

    I nominated you for a sunshine blogger award, if you don’t feel like participating that’s cool. Much love.


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