If only we can create a time machine

“Again, but better” is the hottest new young adult novel by Booktuber, Christine Riccio.

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Now, My strategy for reading this book is by not reading the book summary, or blurb, at all. It’s better that way because there is so much more that happens within this story.

Shane, the main character, is anyone who regrets how he or she lived their college days. Whether you were a drunk at parties, or busy gaining scholarships and fraternity attention, not everyone enjoys one’s college experience.

I know I didn’t. Repeating high school mistakes and relationships, the moment I transferred into a university, I wanted to be alone. So, I didn’t try to make “close” friends at all. Like, I knew people, but going out was not apart of my plan. Therefore, I refuse to get in trouble with the wrong crowd, again.

Yet, I do regret not making those friendships when I did cause now, I’m sorta friendless. At least, not many close friends, or girlfriends. Everyone’s engaged.

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Did I mention I stuck at relationships as well? So, yes. After college, I was pressured into finding a job, all while trying to balance out my life as a writer. In contrast, as I am living in 2019, I’m starting to regret not going out, making friends, continue the dumb decisions of any college student. I played college safe, and boring.

Our character, Shane, was determined to fix her introverted college mistakes by lying to her parents and going on an aboard trip to London. Sounds fun, right? Well, Shane got more than what she bargained for during her journey, but a memory she will have forever, fictionally. (This review contains no spoilers, so your gonna read the book, please and Thank You)

Additionally, how can I, for example, recreate that college experience, correctly? By living my life now. I may by under stress and battling depression, but my life isn’t over. I am not even 25 years old yet. I can travel, not back in time though. And, I wouldn’t change anything because the joys and pains I have did grow me into the person I am today.

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Self-love. If you were to ask me at 15 if I loved myself, I did not. It took my years, and being stupid by pouring the love I should have given myself to another. I had to make those foolish mistakes to realize at the end of the day, I got me. No one else has me, but my God (entity).

Neither did Shane love herself cause she wasn’t living her truth. The ages of 19-24 are the hardest because you are still figuring out who you are and what to do in life. Sometimes you have to let go, or loose someone in order to wake up from the fantasies of childhood.

Growing is a rough transnational period, and I’m still trying to figure it out. In essence, I can’t stop now.

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