Hot n’ Steamy

Happy Tuesday Night. This August writing challenge is somewhat of a different writing style than what I normally do. I’m so use to poetry challenges that answering simple questions seem like a quick fix.

I like to write and narrative to my audience as much as possible. That’s just the fiction writer in me.

Now, the Eevee the poet likes to entertain and lure the reader into a riddle of words and meaning, influence and mystery. Like a Colleen Hoover book.

Young Girl, Rose, Woman, Lying, Lady, Girl, Young
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4. Whats your style: streamy or scorching? 
I prefer both. With the theme or romance, you want to feel the intensity of the characters bond and translate their love into the reader. In addition, the reader feels in love. Therefore, as a romance writer, you did your job buddy! 

Just like my writing preference, I like my romance stories to be as hot n’ steamy. For example, the author Colleen Hoover writes her stories with such a passionate romance will make you jealous of reality. Often times, I wish to meet a man not afraid to express himself, but who knew the world is full of shy men!

Pet, Dog, Puppy, Shy, Cute, Sleepy, Canine, Animal
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Girls, by society standards, we should be coy but open to influence. Ignorant? I know. I’m just stating facts, but why is no one talking about the challenges men go through to talk to a girl. The movies make romance seem easy when its not. Writers make love seem simple to accomplish with hot n’ steamy scenes and open confessions of love.

But, it’s not.

Reality is full of mistakes.

This reminds me of a one act play I read in college about getting the perfect first meeting between a girl and a guy right, or at least, the first impression. obviously, boy meets girl in a coffee shop. They chat and laugh, but then, someone says the wrong thing and a bell rings. The scene plays over again. And, that the whole plot of the play. A bell rings for the two character to regroup and try again. Regardless, this seems stupid until the characters finally say the right words and gestures which leds to a second upcoming encounter.

Yet the point, we are not going to always say the right things on the first try. Everyone’s human.

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