My Black Is Beautiful

Today, we lost a queen, but her reign will live long in black women writers.

Toni Morrison
February 18, 1931-  August 5, 2019
Google Images

I was sadden when I heard the news. She was a well-known writer, to the point where I heard of her firstly by watching the movie, Beloved. Such a real and raw story that made me think twice about motherhood and parenting.

Not that I am a mother, yet. I’m not expecting. But, her stories was extraordinary in a way which made me slow down my normal fast-pace reading to savoy every word she wrote.

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She makes me take notice of details. How important is t is to add the right adjectives and imagery to a story that tells more than the characters. The vivid words she wrote often times than not, caused me to re-read a word, or a sentence before moving forward. If she had this type of impact on me, I can only imagine how other writers feel.

Which brings me back to my own writing, what details am I missing out on? What can I do as a writer to make a lasting impact like Toni Morrison.

What about you. How do you feel as an individual tying to make yourself a brand, and figuring out how to reach those goals.

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