Ignite the fire

So, I started writing again. Not just blog posts, but like an actual story. A short story to be exact. A love story told in a different perspective since the relationship is like no other I’ve seen couples experience.

All my life, I’ve been chasing this emotion called, Love. I grew up in a household that did not openly show affection, so I give it away to strangers. I learned quickly that people need love, but I always neglect myself.

Then, my chose in guys didn’t help with this craving of feeling love. The physical touch of love. To be apart of this millennial generation is tiresome. I use to call myself a “hopeless romantic”, but that is simply not true. There are men who is capable of showing, giving, and receiving love to a women. Hell, my best friend is one of these men. Bless his heart.

It’s just the glorification of hook ups and side chicks is seen on television. Fights are entertainment, while mental capabilities are weaken to stay dumb-down.

Unfortunately, this is a Brave New World. That story freaked me out and I can see the Alphas and Omegas taking over, while my generation and race complains. Individually, we are responsible for how our life is be, our influence, and change within society. Or, marginalized communities.

The choose is yours.

I want to invite a flame of hope. Become a beacon that isn’t seen much and not follow other people’s judgements, but form my own opinion.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

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