Just Believe in ME

Okay, I know I said I would finish the poetry challenge in May. And, now its June. I only have a few left and I’m always eager to write new poetry for you guys.

Speaking of poetry, I have a poetry chapbook I’ve been looking to publish. Whether in a contest, or self-publish, I do want my first piece of writing for the world to see is poetry. I eat, sleep, and breathe the poetic form. So, why not start there? I know, I’m dragging my feet but its only half my fault in motivation.

Understand me when I say this, “I live in a toxic environment.” Surrounded by good and bad voices of discouragement. I’ve always been my own cheerleader, so I’m use to the negativity, but like I said in my last post, this quarter mid-life crisis is dangerously invading my mind, body, and soul. What do I do?

Day 27: “Use water as imagery and/or metaphor or simile”.

Water is Wet by Eevee

I cannot see you in

ME, anymore

Why are you like this

For water is wet, bitch

My tears are not for

Sale, eyeliner streaks these

Stained cheeks cause you are playing

Games, with my heart

Ex lover

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