Living in my Mid-20s?

Okay reader, it’s been a struggle.

Lately, I’ve been on a world wind of emotions and avoiding writing about it because I’m to busy crying about it. The “IT” is not a clown, but a life-changing circumstance I see coming and cannot change. Unless, God comes down and talks some sense into certain people, but hey, free will right. No manipulation, folks.

Regardless, I’ve been avoiding writing, which is Strange, since all throughout high school I wrote my emotions down in poems and lyrics. Not good lyrics, but at least I tired. Moving on, I’m trying to try my life while slowly realizing I’m having a quarter mid-life crisis at 24. Lovely, right.

At first, I had no idea what a quarter mid-life crisis was until I saw it on a book. A self-help book to be honest. I’m turning 25 in six months and I’ve have nothing but bad memories the first quarter of this life. Bad relationships, bad friends, bad odors that teenagers go through, which skipped me since I love perfume. Yet, the bad and cheap perfume. Futhermore, bad taste in food (Hot Pockets are the death of me), bad taste in music until I discoevered metal & altertnative.

Shoutout to Queen, darlings.

I’m just a kid with no life experiences, no passport, and hardly any good memories, expect from one person who is the love of my life. It just took some time to figure it out. Yet, this crisis, I’m going to talk about it more because the inspiration to make me write a blog post about this comes from a new YA book, “Again, But Better” by Christine Riccio. I just started the book, and I read the author’s note, which I normally don’t, and the author said she wishes this book existed when she was 20 years old and wanting to live her life early on. Besides keeping her nose in a book, she wanted to experience what the characters did in real life.

That is how I feel at times, and I intend to change it.

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