Kick in the Teeth

One of my favorite alternative songs is “Kick in the teeth” by Papa Roach. It’s an oldie, but the song does justice by educating listeners to not let life get you down.

Lately, I’ve been fighting this feeling of being a failure. Being afraid to write because of what others will say. This blog is suppose to be my reawakening, and yet at times, I’m still feeling afraid.

It’s like a pair of teeth, locked on a pound of flesh, which is hurting me and I’m ignoring the pain. I need to do better with motivating myself, so I can be a better leader, Seek my purpose more, and so on.

I am determined to finish this poetic challenge that I promised myself to complete. Day 28: “write a poem about teeth or spit or longing.”

Baby, simile by Evelyn Davis

why on me man

I am not your

Pet, peasant, pleasure-lover


My voice matters whether you hear

Or not,

I would hate to call the cops

Boom–bang, another male is


All for a simple

Command, comment

Declaration of an opinion

You think is yours, that

Your always right, men

In fact, little boys

Bang, bang cannot be

Avoid, aspire to accomplish

Growth, yet that mouth

Is trouble.

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