Who Am I? Writer, Activist, Librarian, or Poet

I want to start this month with a literary analysis of the book, “Becoming” by Michelle Obama.

I am writing this analysis a month in advanced (April 4, 2019, after a shocking self revelation) to a

particular section within the second part of her book, Becoming Us.

Michelle kept a journal during this part of her life and came to a discovery while dating the now famous,

Barack Obama. She asked her self in her journal two questions:

One I was very confused about where I want

my life to go. What kind of person do I want to

be? How do I want to contribute to the world?

Two, I am getting very serious in my

relationship with Barack and I feel that I need

to get a better handle on myself.

Michelle Obama

Girl, I feel the same way. I’m only twenty-four years old and I’m at an impasse.

I feel like I’m not really doing what I’m suppose to be doing with my life.

Michele had her realization at twenty-six, or twenty-seven. I can’t remember, but she

had that realization early on in her life. She began her life as I have: independent,

educated with two degrees, good job, and a great relationship, finally. Yet, she wakes up to

realize she doesn’t like her job because she is not passionate about being a lawyer. And Barack Obama

is the reason why. He’s passion and drive for others made Michelle sit back and think what is she doing

with her life for others besides herself. Ironic how another person can have an effect on you.

The impression of second opinion, outlook, story of struggle with being fatherless and broken family.

All the while, you live with both parents and they work hard to put you through school and college.

Your parents are proud of you, but don’t ask about your personal happiness. What kind of life is that?

Later on after these questions, Michelle answers her own aching desires.

Michelle states, “but I did need to quickly anchor myself on my own two feet”.

She meant she did not want to get lost in her newly found feelings and relationship.

A person can become consumed by love that he or she forget oneself in the process.

Michelle knew she had to find her niche and to find her calling now. I feel the exact same way.

Which is why I started blogging. In the beginning, everything started with me, myself, a notebook,

and a pen. I wrote a poem everyday until it become second nature. I came with the idea to create a

poetry collection by the time I was sixteen years old and publish that book first before anything else.

Then, the idea for a novel came next. Then, more and more ideas for series, trilogies, manuals, essays

came later on in the time span of two years. And, I graduated high school. Forced to go to college where

I lost myself in relationships and paternal expectations. I lost me.

Who am I? Poet, writer, activist, librarian

Often times, I am certain I am a poet. No doubts about that aspect of me.

Yet, the others are fairly new and debatable. I am a writer, but prefer reading sometimes over writing

anything. The activist and librarian are freshly new like 2019 new. I like the calling of protecting

information and the allowing the public to have access to as much information as possible,

but I hate school. The same uneasiness of sleep, stress, coffee overload, and more are falling

back into play. I needed to create some type of change and it needed to happen now.

So, here I am. In the middle-end of my first semester in Graduate school and I’m starting a blog.

The posts I’m writing now are like therapy to me that I’ve neglect like a child. My baby of sorts.

I knew in 2019, I needed to make a change for my career as a writer to succeed and I don’t plan on

stopping now. As for Michelle, she will find her niche as I am fighting to revive mine.

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