Haven’t been myself

Good Evening readers,

For the past few days, I’ve been focusing on a final exam for school and not blogging. Then, my mental health has just been jeopardize due to emotional pains from paternal expectations. It seems I just can’t catch a break. Well, I will once I turn in this final exam. But then what? I had an idea of what to do with this blog, but my doubts keep settling in like morning drew flowers.

Everyday I’m thinking, “what am I doing with my life?”

Going back to school, after two years, did not seem so bad until reality bitched-slap me. Hard. Regardless, after a series of unfortunate events, I made it to the end of the semester and questioning why and if I want to continue. Oh, I bet your thinking I can’t quit after one semester, but the possibility is there. I did sign up for fall 2019 classes, so let’s see how that goes.

As for freelancing, I’m just trying to figure myself out and my online author platform. I am beyond happy to have twenty followers after two weeks of blogging and getting more and more likes as time goes by. This is the encouragement I needed as a writer. My world is beyond negative and I need an outlet of positivity.

Welcome to my blog.

A simple girl by Eevee

Just a simple girl

In a hating world

Thoughts of wondering

Amongst the lost children

Adults capitalizing in authority

Trust is a luxury

A girl stands in grits of

Rice to please them

Hands bleeding from

Unwritten words

No utensil to scratch the

Itch of literature

They don’t want her

Words to escape

To bring hope

To bring life to the

Prisoners of life

The others, deserve control

Drugs are candy

The simple girl is


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