Retracing steps (Words and Poems pt. 2)

Since this earlier post got the most likes this month, I want to revisit that topic or former thoughts I had during that moment. Furthermore, my best poetry comes out of pure tormenting emotions of anguish, aniexty, and anger. As a result, it is hard to think of why certain poems are dark, yet, likable to audiences. Maybe, is it because I am telling the truth? A hidden truth I don’t wish to face in reality. Additionally, while writing, my truth slowing comes out because talking to another human is foreign communication nowadays. Will I ever speak my truth..

Day 22: “write a response or part 2 to a poem you wrote this month”.

Defining poetry by Eevee

I am baffled. How could I

Deceive myself with

Lines of poetry

Such sweet sorrow for the

Sweet wholesome gal saving

All the other souls, yet,

Salvation stares at her sun-kissed

Skin. Silenced mouth with

Zippered lips, drawn chalk lines

And, the song goes down.

Poetry, a grace for the girl.

Lines, words, stanazas

Pen, pencil, paper

Pepperjack dots forming sculpture

Lines of alphabets, English native tongue

Of the writing utensil

Complexity is a beauty

Hands draw words in a sand

Escaping the enemies, establishing

Justice behind her actions.

Her words are in stone,

A solid unmoving surface.

Poetry, is her mountaintop.

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