Extra! Extra!

So, daily blogging is not easy. It’s day 22, yet, I’m writing two challenges per every few days to catch up. It’s been a while since I wrote something, let along, do a writing challenge. Well, I plan to change lol that once this week ends, and it’s my final week of school this semester. Thank God. It’s almost over.

Day 20: “write a series of newspaper headlines about your life”. This is about to be fun.

She’s the headliner by Eevee

21 ways to gain weight in six days

Buy one, get two for free

How to turn off a guy in 10 days or less

She is a national hero, of chumps

Education: free enslavement, or not?

Quiz him or not, we will tell if he’s in love

Goth is the new Chic

Sports–oh wait, it’s Soccer Moms

Non-GMO is Great for Grasshoppers

Vegan your life away

Cheese is not In–while smoothies are Out

Natural Hair is an excuse to wear curls says, “EeveeWrites”

Individuality is overrated, follow the rules, millennials

Kids, the brutally honest crew you will ever meet

P. S. There is a reason I did not seek Journalism, I don’t read newspapers. Therefore, what is a headline? Honestly, writing these lines was fun, but scary truthful.

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