Martin’s Dream

Day 18: “start your poem, ‘ in a dream’ ”

When I heard today’s prompt, I remember Martin Luther King’s speech, “I had a Dream”. And I wonder, did we achieve his dream? Because the black on black crime is ridiculous. So much hate within my community. I remember in an earlier post, “We Will Rock You” about if the black community stands together, we are strong. Yet, the world turns us, trends, social media turns us away from unity. So, here is my Dream.

A dream within a dream by Eevee

In a dream, my sister will not shut me out

By jealousy or misconceptions

We are beautiful, all shades of


In a dream, my brother will raise his child

Like my dad did, four biologically

One is a product of desire

Yet, his job is a father

A leader

A counselor

In a dream, my feet won’t bleed anymore

From walking, from working

My hands are free, but

My feet took its turn

In a dream, families will be together

No baby “insert name here” but,

Mother and Father

In a dream, sisterhood is loyalty

In a dream, support is second nature

In my dream, I become God wants me to be.

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